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Language Exchange Community

Practice languages and meet new friends!

Join Language Exchange Community

Language Exchange

Language exchange is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and practice new languages. It refers also to tandem language learning. In most cases two partners help each other in learning and practicing different languages.

Imagine that Diego is from Argentina, his native tongue is Spanish, and he wants to learn and practice Russian. Anna is a Russian girl who speaks Russian as mother tongue and wants to improve her Spanish. They could meet online and practice both languages. Partners can type via text chat or can speak via audio and video chat. They can talk for example half an hour in Spanish and half an hour in Russian.

Language Exchange Community

TongueOut.net is a free language exchange social network for practicing languages, meeting new friends from all over the world and having fun. Join now, create your profile, find a language exchange partner and learn new languages! It's completely free!

TongueOut.net offers variety of features. You can create your own custom profile, search for language exchange partners, chat with polyglots, playing linguistic games, sharing photos and video, discussing topics, editing blog, creating groups, manage events and more!

Text, audio and video chat available!

Language exchange advantages

1. Meet people from different cultures and make new friends from all over the world
2. Practice with native speakers and build sense to the learned language
3. Practice writing and reading in text chat or e-mail
4. Practice speaking and listening in audio/video chat
5. Learn many jargons, slangs and idioms of the language learned
6. Learn about new cultures, traditions and other interesting information
7. Using computer and internet removes geographic borders
8. It's fun way to learn languages, there aren't boring homeworks and exercises