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Hello everyone!
After I have been chatting for years, I didn't know how important is to practice the speaking skills. As always, the first conversation is the highest step you will have to do if you want to improve any language skills. While I was pronouncing few words, I was understanding what people were telling me. This implies that you need to hear vocabulary pronunciations, to speak and to understand what people are telling you. I know, it is scary to not be understood but it is scarier is you never tried. I know it is obvious, but some people need a reminder. 
How about writing skills? All you need to do is to read A LOT, something that I don't like to do (don't judge me). While you are reading, you are unconsciously learning how some sentences are constructed. What do happens after? You may feel inspired to write something and you will remember which words you can use and which words should not be used together. Also, you should write sentences to practice everything you had learned and, please, find someone who know how to correct you and better if they explain your mistakes. Another obvious thing, as I said before, some people need a reminder. 
Of course! This should not be good for beginners, but if you understand this message then you can get the idea. Don't forget, courses and tutoring are important to have a better structure of your learning process. Also, all skills should be practice at the same time. Don't do unbalanced learning.
I know that I still need to improve my writing skills, but I was looking to write about something and... here it is. 
Do you have any other suggestion?
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