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Do you know what the word "INTERSPERSE" means?



-- 1 --

- to mix one thing in with another in a way that is not regular:
Her handwritten notes were interspersed throughout the text.


-- 2 --

- to put things of one type in different parts or places among other things:
Framed pictures were interspersed among the books in the bookcase.



-- 3 -- 

- if something is interspersed with a particular kind of thing, it has a lot of them in it:
At this time of year, sunny periods are interspersed with showers. 

We should intersperse the TV program with several advertisements.


-- 4 -- 

- to put something in between pieces of speech or writing, parts of a film etc:


So, once more time: 

  1. Notes can be interspersed throughout the text. 
  2. Pictures are interspersed among the books.
  3. Sunny periods are interspersed with showers. or They can intersperse the TV program with ads.
  4. The editor can intersperse jokes in the speech.
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