What is a ‘question’?

What is a ‘question’? What is the ‘spark’ which is present in the nature of every thought containing a question?

Let’s contemplate the state of questioning. You can close your eyes right now and choose not to form a question but to be present in the state where a part of you is searching… Feel the direction of your search but let no thoughts be ‘shaped’ during the search itself... You will be surprised how peaceful and tranquil the state of searching is when it is guided by the ultimate force of Faith in finding the answers and when it is not fuelled by the excitement of discoveries when the mind is claiming its prize As soon as an answer is present - is it contained in a limited expression of the Soul’s evolutionary self-discovery. An answer is as full as the Soul’s awareness of self is.
Posted in on July 20 2015 at 03:19 PM

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