The List of 7 Useful Exercises to Challenge Yourself in Academic Writing

Although academic writing is not rocket science, it is not the easiest of all tasks, especially for those who do not think of themselves as talented writers. However, there are some exercises and workouts which can help you improve your academic writing skills and get new ideas for your papers. Many experienced writers agree writing is a skill that needs constant practicing and exercise. One of the ways to become better in writing is to read a lot, another is to write a lot. In this article, we will focus on writing exercises.


The idea of freewriting is to write everything that comes to your head. It was introduced as a brainstorming techniques used for finding ideas. The result of freewriting is raw material but it helps to overcome self-criticism, doubts, and apathy. You can use freewriting to write a draft of an essay on some topic or just to find ideas. After you are done with your writing you can go to and complete plaigirism check and academic paper check my paper for free.

Write on demand

Set a time limit, for example, 10 to 20 minutes, and take this time to complete a short essay on some topic. It depends on your skills how many words you will write but you can set a goal, for example, 500 words. After you are finished with your writing, be sure to use essay writing checker to grade my paper for free. Also, search for information on how to check copyright. Writing on demand may be rather challenging but this exercise is like working on a muscle. The more you write on demand, the easier it gets. Some practice and you will not have to waste time staring at a blank page anymore. Thanks to this exercise you can teach yourself to write on cue, with any mood and even without inspiration. After some practice, you will be able to pour out words without any effort.

Write with word limits

Set a word limit and explore some topic. It may be 100 words or 1000 words — it depends on your goals as a writer. The topic is also up to you — it may be something simple or something challenging and ambiguous. For example, it will be a challenge to complete a 200-word essay on a complicated topic, like politics or some social issue. After that, google how to how to check copyright and use essay checker. If you want, you can use freewriting for this exercise. Also, try this exercise to find new ideas.

Set any other kind of limitation

You may choose to write an essay with random words, with 10 selected verbs, with only two-syllable words and so on. It may be rather challenging at first but at the same time, this exercise will develop your creativity and imagination. Why not give it a try? Whatever you write, complete plagarism check for your paper of writer.


Edit someone else's text

Another way to improve your writing and to get better at editing your writing is to edit someone else's text. It can be your classmate's or any text from the internet. You can find some post on the internet. As practice shows, the less you know the author the better. Then, you have to look through the text focusing on any ways to improve it. You have to keep an eye on long sentences and structures, ambiguous and confusing points, unnecessary words, spelling and grammatical errors, problems with formatting or lack of formatting. Also, you should pay attention where it is possible to add images or examples to make the text more readable and interesting. Very important: always notice what is good in other author's writing. You may also borrow some of other author's tips.

Rewriting and rephrasing

It is another approach to training your writing skills. How many times do you rewrite your sentences trying to achieve perfection? Why not use rewriting as an exercise to improve your own writing? The beginning of the exercise is the same as with editing: you can find some text on the internet, or take some of your finished texts, and rewrite it from scratch. You can rewrite some other piece every time, or to create different versions of the same piece. Your choice. In the end, this workout will help you express yourself more clearly and succinctly.

Tell a story

It is always a good skill for a writer to be able to tell a story. You can set up some time interval and write a story on some topic. To get started, you can get a random word generator There is a storytelling improvisation game, called "extend and advance". You can use this game for writing exercises. Do the following: set a time limit (a minute or two) and use freewriting to begin the story, then set another time limit (another minute or two) to extend your story, then another time limit to advance it to a new point, extend again, advance again, and finish it with whatever ending you like.


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