• language
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    • German Language
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      For those who want to learn German.
    • Chinese- English
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      I am hoping to find a group of Chinese or English learners to help each other learn and share information about your countries, languages and cultures!
    • Portuguese X English
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      This is the perfect group for people who want to practice English and Brazilian Portuguese. Join us! We are going to have so much fun!
    • Hungarian
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      Group about Hungarian language. Hungarian is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe.
    • Arabic in exchange for...
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      Arabic in exchange for... any language
    • English with Russian accent :)
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      Hello, everyone! Do you want to know anything about russian language? Write here, I'll reply you) And help me, please, improve my English:)
    • Polish
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      Talk about Poland, polish language and culture.
    • Dutch
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      You can join this group if you want to talk and learn more about Dutch.
    • 日本語 The Japanese Practice group for everyone
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      This group is where you can come and practice speaking Japanese. You can practice with others or with a native speaker. (If they happen to join the group). This is also a group where you can...