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  • It's not a secret almost each one of us speaks English, so, new members, come on, don't be shy and let us know more about you! Any content you like-share it!

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  • Yvette Heymans
    Hi, I'm an English speaker, second language is Afrikaans. I'm learning Czech but it's difficult to progress without conversation and a LOT of help!

    Any help with the beautiful Czech language would be greatly appreciated.
  • Alessandro Di Pietro
    My name is Alessandro and have been working in Barcelona for more than 1 year. I am from Italy and would like to learn Catalan language!
  • Kamal Memmedov
    I'm from Azerbaijan, I live in BAKU, it is the capital city of Azerbaijan.My name is Kamal and I'm a native Azerbaijane and Turkish speaker.
  • Julia
    Hi! My name is Julia and I'm a native Russian speaker. I would like to improve my English, so I need some practice. So I can't wait to find new friends and combine intresting conversation and learning English. Also I will be happy to help with Russian. So... let's talk!
  • Katalin Csontos

    I'm from Hungary, I live in Budapest, it is the capital city of Hungary.
    I like to meet new people and get new impressions. Snail mail is the apple of my eye, if you like, we can keep in touch in this way

    I love reading, one of my favourite writer is Camus, philosophy, specially buddhism and stoic and art, mostly surrealism and cubism.
    I make jewelleries by myself, I like to try DIY things.

    I'm interested in interior design and webdesign, actually I've been studying them.

    I...  more
  • Kamran Hesenli

    i want to practise russian language in skype or facebook.
    If you can not help me in russian. Don't worry, without your help, i can still speak with you in english. don't worry.

    Let's become friend

    if you see that post so late, like in 2020 Again feel free to contact me. Because i think language is always demandable thing.

    You can contact me here. dont look at my last online time. If you contact me, notification will come my email
  • shell m
    Hi there, I'm here to learn and practice french.
    I am a beginner, i learnt french for 3 months but then i had to stop it coz of my college and all. I hope to find new friends and learn the language
    Anyways, don't hesitate to send me a message: I'll be happy to answer you! I'm quite shy but really kind! (at least, I hope so! ^^)
    • hassan kh
  • Thierry
    Hello, my name is Thierry
    I'm a French native speaker, I live in Britan.
    I would like to improve my English spoken.
    I've been learning English for 3 years and it's difficult because I don't practice
    If you are interested don't hesitate to send me a message. First, why not to talk about our hobbies, job, country and so on...
    See you soon
    • John Porfyris
  • Polar
    Hallo, Ich bin Polar, I'm a Native speaker of Cantonese, here to find a language Exchange Partner who can improve my German, and I can teach you back Cantonese, Mandarin or Japanese I love Music, Movies and Travelling.
    If you are interested, please feel free to text me, looking forward to meet new people<3

  • xX_ZombEe Vapez73r_Xx
    I speak english natively. i'm trying to learn mandarin if anyone wants to text, video, or call me my tox id is 3E71B28FCD66DDDDE9F29A316697F5CB579DC5F5F8349A9D0FA6E0403BFE184227610CBB6B9B
    • John Porfyris
  • Bodnár Csilla
    Hi there, I'm here for learn and practice Portuguese,'cause now I'm just at the very basic level, but I also want to learn Spanish. I'd really appreciate if any of you could help me.
    I also speak French, if any of you guys wanna chat in the language of the love and art, I'm there. wish you the best!
  • Andrés Vergara
    Hola Todos, Estoy aquí porque quiero practicar Inglés y Genial contar un Amigo que Quiera Practicar Español y me ayude a practicar Inglés!! - Tal vez un día Nos Tomemos una Cerveza!!! Hay Se ven!!!

    Hello Everyone, I'm here because I want to practice English and great get a friend who wants to practice Spanish and help me practice English !! - Maybe one day Let's have a beer !!! There are Seen !!!