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I live in the UK and it is my sincerest desire to learn French.  My wife adores France, and I adore my wife, and I wish to take her to the places in France she has always dreamed to see. I am older, and I find it difficult to learn things at very quick pace, however I am determined to learn everything that I can.  I am a beginner by every definition, and I have been teaching myself French. 
I am looking for someone who speaks French natively.  I have tried through gaming to connect to the French community to learn basic contemporary conversational French.  Those lessons are often intermittent and sporadic. I do not have a French keyboard and struggle with how to type accent marks.  
I am happy to help, if you desire, with your understanding and fluency of English.
Je nes parle pas Français mais je comprends un pue.  Je m'appelle Samael, et je espere vous etes aide moi.
Merci bien
Posted in French on April 19 2018 at 03:04 PM

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