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  • Toothless
    Yo! I'd be interested in being a language partner with you. My skype is under the name Anne Young and uses the same profile picture.
    • Alexey Melezhik
  • Toothless
    I decided that instead of commenting the same thing on other people's posts.... maybe I should just make one post?? XD Yo, I'm Toothles! I can help you with English and I'm all for making buddies across the ocean or wherever. We can talk on here, or my whatsapp is +15592690975, my Instagram is under Potbelly Pleb, and my skype/facebook is under Anne Young. I prefer to use whatsapp and Instagram, because that way I can have everyone on just one or two apps and not have to bounce around to talk...  more
  • Toothless
    Yo, I'm Toothless! I'm sixteen and hope to become an exchange student as soon as I am able to speak the language without butchering it too much.... I can also help with English, and would like to make some friends along the way, so don't hesitate to contact me.