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Look for a native English speaker :-P

    Hello everyone,so glad to meet you here.I`m Olive Yao,a college student majoring in landscape architecture.I enjoy playing badminton and tabletennis in my spare time.I`m in trouble these days 囧.My tutor asked me to give receptions to some experts from Australia for 3 days in the middle of this month,but i`m worried that i`m not competent enough for this job because of my poor oral English.So i`m wondering if anybody could help me out.And i would really appreciate it if you can practice oral English with me these days O(∩_&capO~.
    If you are interested,plz don`t hesitate to contact me.(Skype、Wechat:oliveYAO_0  email:943467492@qq.com  QQ:943467492)
Posted in on November 04 2016 at 12:13 PM

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