• Venetian Language
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      Group about Venetian language. Exchanges with English, German, Spanish and any other language!
    • language
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    • Universal Language
      Public . 4 members
      In a world where languages are being used to discriminate, it is the time to think of a Language that communicates through hearts, beyond the spoken words, and behind the spoken words. Shal we...
    • German Language
      Public . 6 members
      For those who want to learn German.
    • Chinese- English
      Public . 38 members
      I am hoping to find a group of Chinese or English learners to help each other learn and share information about your countries, languages and cultures!
    • Portuguese X English
      Public . 6 members
      This is the perfect group for people who want to practice English and Brazilian Portuguese. Join us! We are going to have so much fun!
    • Hungarian
      Public . 4 members
      Group about Hungarian language. Hungarian is the most widely spoken non-Indo-European language in Europe.
    • Organize a Commune
      Restricted . 3 members
      A commune is an organized living community. The people living in the commune are all friends, family members, people you know and trust. There are rules, bylaws that everyone welcome to the...
    • Arabic in exchange for...
      Public . 14 members
      Arabic in exchange for... any language
    • English with Russian accent :)
      Public . 7 members
      Hello, everyone! Do you want to know anything about russian language? Write here, I'll reply you) And help me, please, improve my English:)