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  • It's not a secret almost each one of us speaks English, so, new members, come on, don't be shy and let us know more about you! Any content you like-share it!

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  • Kevin-Alexander
    Ahoj! Pryvit! Привіт! Hi! I am interested on learning about Slavic culture, language, traditions, views and more. I think learning Czech, Ukrainian and Russian may help me to have a better understanding of the culture in Eastern and Central Europe. I speak Spanish and English and would be glad to help you practice your English or Spanish. I was learning some polish but I want to get exposed to more Slavic languages. Thanks for stopping by, I wish you a great day!
  • Masry
    Hi, Hallo, Ni hao, Marhaba or Assalamu Alaikum, Hola
    I am Mohammed, a native Arabic speaker who is interested in making international friends. I do not know which language I should start with, but if I found the right person and enjoyed his/her company, I would learn the language s/he speaks. I have a good sense of humor so if you do not like that, you will suffer hahaha : ) About my hobbies, currently, I am a laptop sitter lol I mean that my laptop is my loyal friend and I enjoy spending most...  more
  • Jacob
    Hej, Jag heter Jacob!

    I am a native English speaker living in the UK, I am looking to learn Swedish(as I have Swedish family but can only speak very basic) as well as to brush up on French and German. I like to think I am a fast learner and enjoy all types of company

    I am 20 years old and enjoy cooking, sewing, art and music as well as other things.

    I look forward to making new friends and practicing my languages
  • Jasmin B
    Hey there guys and gals, my name's Jasmin and I am coming from one of the smallest countries in the world that's based right in the middle of Europe and shaped like a Chicken and oftenly replaced by Slovakia on big sports events. XD If you are by any chance searching and browsing for a fluent Slovenian native speaker and someone who's fluent in English and Croatian, and are by any chance planning to travel in Europe at some point in your life, please hop on board, because I would really like to...  more
  • Asmaa Said
    Hello,my name is Asmaa
    How are you?
    I'm from Egypt
    I am studying pharmacy, forth level
    I would love to improve my English
    Also, i like to find new friends
    I can help you to learn Arabic if you like
    Nice to meet you all
  • Caitlin Borthwick
    I'm Caitlin, I'm almost 20 years old and I come from Australia. I am currently learning Norwegian and would love to talk with people who can help me improve. I can also help anyone that wants to improve their English.
  • 王尉
    HI, My name is Wangwei and i am from China. I want to learn something new and make new friends here. I really happy if you wanna make a friend with me,and I hope I can improve your Chinese on this platform !
  • Alessandro Di Pietro
    My name is Alessandro and have been working in Barcelona for more than 1 year. I am from Italy and would like to learn Catalan language!
  • Kamal Memmedov
    I'm from Azerbaijan, I live in BAKU, it is the capital city of Azerbaijan.My name is Kamal and I'm a native Azerbaijane and Turkish speaker.
  • Julia
    Hi! My name is Julia and I'm a native Russian speaker. I would like to improve my English, so I need some practice. So I can't wait to find new friends and combine intresting conversation and learning English. Also I will be happy to help with Russian. So... let's talk!
  • Katalin Csontos

    I'm from Hungary, I live in Budapest, it is the capital city of Hungary.
    I like to meet new people and get new impressions. Snail mail is the apple of my eye, if you like, we can keep in touch in this way

    I love reading, one of my favourite writer is Camus, philosophy, specially buddhism and stoic and art, mostly surrealism and cubism.
    I make jewelleries by myself, I like to try DIY things.

    I'm interested in interior design and webdesign, actually I've been studying them.

    I...  more
  • Kamran Hesenli

    i want to practise russian language in skype or facebook.
    If you can not help me in russian. Don't worry, without your help, i can still speak with you in english. don't worry.

    Let's become friend

    if you see that post so late, like in 2020 Again feel free to contact me. Because i think language is always demandable thing.

    You can contact me here. dont look at my last online time. If you contact me, notification will come my email